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Be included in Industry Virginia™ to reach decision makers both within the State and throughout the nation.

Interviews with:

- Brett Vassey (CEO/President of the VMA)

- Rob Hogan: VP Mfg of Newport News Shipbuilding

- Paul Grossman: VP of Int'l Trade for the VA Economic Development

- Tanya Cook: Sr.Dir/Treasurer of PhilipMorris International


Women In Industry:

Highlighting the top women in business in the State.

Promote your business as being in one of the of the best states for business* offering:

  • Leadership committed to business’ needs

  • A right-to-work state (9th lowest unionization rate in the country at 6.2%)

  • Easy access to domestic and global markets through Washington Dulles International Airport and The Port of Virginia

  • Two of the nation’s largest railroads

  • Corporate income tax at the rate of 6% (maintained at that level since 1972)

  • The 2nd highest concentration of tech workers in the nation (2014)

  • Approximately 22,000 doctoral scientists and engineers, one of the highest concentration in the nation. Over 100 in-state institutions of higher education

*Source: Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) 


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